Carai Olive Oil

Carai Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil from Sebino

Our olive oil is produced exclusively with olives from olive groves located in the municipalities of Marone, Sale Marasino and Monte Isola on the shores of Lake Iseo, an area renowned for the production of olive oil.
It is no coincidence, in fact, that this area has been known and appreciated for the production of oil since the times of the ancient Romans, for whom this product played a very important role in both commercial and religious spheres. In the locality of "Co de Hela" in Marone, the remains of an important Roman villa were found, including the base of a statue representing Hercules, currently kept in the Museum of Brescia (Santa Giulia), and some coins among the such as one by Massimiliano Erculeo (286-305 AD)

Thus was born the trademark of the Favento farm: a coin depicting Hercules with an olive branch; an image that wants to enclose all the symbols linked to this land and its precious millenary fruits.

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